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May 19th, 2015, 7:28 pm

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Reply Shiuze, May 19th, 2015, 7:28 pm

So happy to announce volume 2 is finally done!!!
While in the self-publishing works, I will be holding a contest
to have YOUR work, yes, YOUR WORK inside the manga! Your art
will receive credit linked to your art website like in volume 1 (As you can see in the image below)
In this contest, everyone wins to have your work inside the
published manga!
The 1st prize winner will have their fanart on a full page of
the book and will win a physical copy of Remote Angel Volume 2!

Here are the rules!:

1. You mainly have to draw any of the listed characters below.
Each will have a name with references with it. For those new to
Remote Angel or haven't gotten far in the series, you can read
it here:

Alice Desangi: (human form)
(angel form with weapon)

Fiona Saizam:

Milk Natsgol:

Zero Rillem:


Niri Namilos:

Becky Desangi:



2. No ecchi/hentai/yuri/yaoi/base works

3. Please draw the characters in their outfits to show how they
are represented.

4. No lineart/sketches. Your work has to be colored! I know
these will be printed black and white for standard printing but
possibly will have printed colored copies too for when I launch
the Kickstarter!

5. Your image dimensions must be: 1787�2555 and have 300 dpi

6. Sign your image as well with your signature.

7. Post in your description a link back to this journal about
the contest and link to the manga and tag 3 people who you
think who should also enter!

8. It's first come, first served. Only an amount of 50 entries
can be put into the manga.

9. Media that's accepted: Digital art, traditional art,
sculpture, and cosplay.

10. You can draw more than one character!

DEADLINE: September 1, 2015


First Place:

Remote Angel Volume 2 physical copy!
2 Remote Angel bookmarks of your choice
Your fanart on a full page inside Volume 2!
150 points (if you have a deviantart account)

Second Place:
Your fanart will be published with credit inside volume 2! (Not
full page though. Smaller thumbnail)
1 Remote Angel bookmark of your choice!
100 points (if you have a deviantart account)

Third Place:
Your fanart will be published with credit inside volume 2! (Not
full page though. Smaller thumbnail)
50 points (if you have a deviantart account)

Consolation prizes:
Everyone's entry will have their thumbnails of their work inside
the manga.

Possible Ideas:
- Your favorite moment from Remote Angel from what you read


I will be judging each entry on:
- Lineart
- Coloring
- Does it fit the character(s)?
And no, you won't get an automatic win if you're a close friend
of mine. =P

Entries (Reserve one if you're entering!):

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^___^
If you do not have a deviantart account, you can still enter through here! Just comment here your entry!

- Yennie Fer

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